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2019 Term 1 Hanwoori News

Student Achievements in Term 1

[HANWOORI POWER COURSE students - Learning HOW to study]

Yr 8 (Hannah) received over 95% for her maths exam and came second in Science exam

Yr 10 (Stephanie) successfully passed the HSC Minimum Standard Tests

Yr 10 (Eamon & Mary) received great marks in assessment tasks

[Maths/ English Tutoring students]

Yr 5 (Sid) 98% in maths exam, received the full mark for English Descriptive Writing exam

Yr 7 (Emma) received 84% in her Maths placement exam

Yr 7 (Christian) received 94% in maths exam

Yr 10 (Emily) received 90% in maths exam

Tell us how your children went with their studies in Term 1 and send the school reports so we could prepare for your children’s studies in advance. (email:


Study at Hanwoori Self-Study Room!

Students get the work done.

From week 1 of this term, we’ve opened our Self-Study Room. We have students coming every day to study and some students come for 1-2 days. Parents tell us that this room is helping them as they don’t have to stress about making the children to study at home because they get the work done here. Furthermore, this area provides students to practice effective & healthy study habits!

Our supervisors constantly monitor the students and the study room (every 15 minutes!) to check individual students’ study progress and making sure that no one is daydreaming or getting distracted.

For more information about this service, please grab our information brochure at the office.

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursdays 4-8pm

Access Fee: $10 per day (Free for Hanwoori Power Course students)

Inquiry: Contact Esther 0422 242 302, or email


Autumn Holiday Opening Hours

23rd, 24th and 26th APRIL 10am – 5pm

As the Autumn holiday (15-28 April) is approaching, we wish to inform you that we will be opening the NAPLAN workshop on 23(Tue),24(Wed) and 26(Fri) April during this holiday.

Our NAPLAN workshop comprises a 3 day intensive and informative workshop on all four areas of NAPLAN test: Numeracy, Language Convention, Writing and Reading.

With a carefully designed program, students in year 3, 5, 7 and 9 will have an opportunity to learn the tips and skills for the NAPLAN test and gain confidence through this workshop.

We have been providing this workshop for over 4 years and we have received favourable feedback from the parents and students with their great NAPLAN results.

If you book by 5th April (Friday), you will receive a 5% discount and we also offer referral discounts as well so book today to secure the spot!  

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone (02) 8443 0188.

*1:1 tutoring is also available for English, Maths, Music and Language.


Term 2 Enrollment NOW OPEN

Term 2 Date: 29 APRIL – 6 JULY (10 WEEKS)

We are already started to receive the bookings for Term 2. If you wish to keep your existing sessions, please let us know as soon as possible. Please call or message Esther 0422 242 302 or email

Deadline for re-enrolment is 12 April, Friday 5pm.

We have great courses for everyone. Please grab the course brochure at our office for more details.


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