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Learn how to study

We believe that education works best when teachers and students build mutual respect, courtesy and passion and that good education help students to study creatively by themselves.


This course is a holistic learning program and manages the student’s overall learning areas. We deliver study skills lessons along with practical demonstrations and exercises for students to use them in their studies.

Who is the instructor?

Esther Kim is an educator with over 12 years of teaching experience. She has worked with students ages from 4 to 70, with various learning types and levels, both local and international students. Esther has majored International Business and Education at the University of New South Wales and obtained the Master of Education at the University of Sydney. She is currently undertaking the Diploma of Early Childhood Education.

Who should enroll to HPC?

  • Year 3-6 builds the foundation in English and Maths

  • Year 7-10 learns how to study for high school

  • Year 11-12 learn ways to manage and use study skills effectively for HSC

All level of students are welcome.

Course Content

What's provided

  • 10-11 private sessions per term

  • Free, unlimited access to Self-Study Room

  • ($10 per hour for non-HPC students)  

  • Study habits and schedule management

  • Free access to the study guides and tips

  • Study planner and templates

  • Individualised learning diagnosis

  • Term report

  • Hanwoori workbook binder

  • 1 make up session available per term (all other courses don’t offer make up session)  


HPC works for TOP students

Mary (Yr 10)

HPC student since Year 7

Coming to Hanwoori for the first time was good because going to the senior school was very daunting but it was good to know someone watching me what I do, showing me better ways to do the study.  So it was good and comforting...

Before I came to Hanwoori, I didn't know what to do. Say if I wanted to write a note in the class or just when I study, what I meant to do, how I meant to do, what is the best way to do it, so coming here really helped me to try different techniques compared to what we hear from the school so when I do learn something at class here, knowing what to do and came back home to do homework or task, it help me extra, which I found, from here, it changed a lot for the better.

Esther was definitely has been a big influence especially the way I look at my school work or even when I get an assessment notification, what I look for or how I plan myself, I got huge influence from here."

HPC helps students to improve

Hannah (Yr 8)

HPC student since Year 6

"I started Hanwoori College 2 years ago. It really helped me with my study and it helped me to understand the subjects that I am working on a lot more and develop my skills and education to a better extent.


When I started Hanwoori, I was never actually good at the main subjects which were science, history, English, geography and maths. And I came here, and those ones were what I was focusing on, and as time went by, I got better at them, and I started to understand the way that I supposed to study and the way of work and what my schedules should look like for study wise and homework. So next week, I have really big exams for my grade, and throughout this whole term, Esther and Deborah had helped me so much to study and the way I should focus on these main subjects so I can improve and get good marks for next year. Even though it's going to be very hard, they also helped me and given me booklets and past papers to help me and give me a sense of what it would really look like and see what I need to focus on in my own time.


And Esther also has given me a schedule of when I should study, what my homework must be, how long it should be and even though some of my days are pretty packed and I don't have much time, I always tried to find a way to do my homework and study. And Hanwoori really, extremely helped me to understand what to do and especially I am in high school now, it helped me understand further what to do and how to do it, what I should do, within, having playing or watching TV and separate them from my school works in my own time."




Tel. 8443 0188

Mobile. 0422 242 302



Monday - Friday 9:30 - 20:30

Saturday 9:30 - 18:00



Unit 12/ 286-288 New Line Road, DURAL



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