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read our customers' first impression of hanwoori :)

"I come in here and I see this beautiful place with all these beautiful instruments,and it just seems so welcoming and friendly and then I met you (Esther) and Deborah and I was just really excited to come here."- Yr 9 student

To be honest, I was very comfortable. When I walked in, I just felt you know what- I felt deeply it was the right thing that I did. I wasn’t scared but I was like “thank God, I think I’ve done the right thing.” And I just felt this was gonna be a good result at the end. -Mother of 3 children who comes to Hanwoori

When we are waiting for our parents to pick us up, it's fun because I have all these little things I can do like puzzles and all that stuff, so I hope my mum doesn't come because it's so much fun. -Yr 7 student

I like the environment, it's kind of very peaceful, very loving and trustworthy so thank you for that. - Father of year 3 student

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