2021 Term 2

1. Imasha. K (Year 12 Maths Standard) came 6th in the grade.


2. Mary-Claire. N (Year 12 English Advanced) achieved top marking criteria (17/20) for Module A Assessment.


3. Stephanie. J (Year 12 HPC) achieved 90% in her drama group performance, the highest mark in her group.


4. Daniel. W (Year 11 Maths Advanced) achieved 95% for the Term 1 Maths Test.


5. Isaac. J (Year 11 HPC) came 1st for English Advance Assessment & Maths at his school. 


6. Christian. M (Year 9 Maths) came 1st in his class (mark was 92%) 


7. Stephanie. H (Year 9 English) achieved 93% in her English assessment (Gothic studies) & received 93% for her Maths Assessment 2


8. Jacob. C (Year 8 Maths) got an A  grade for his Half Yearly Maths Exam.


9. Billy. P (Year 8 English)  achieved 19.5/20 in his Term 1 English assessment (Villain studies), came 3rd in the class.


10. Adella. H (Year 8 Maths) achieved 98% for her Maths Assessment task (39/40) & achieved 90% in her Term 1 English assessment (Villain studies). The grade’s average mark was 65%. 


11. Jacob. M (Year 7) made an outstanding improvement  (87%) in his English assessment (Suspense studies).


12. Olivia. S (Year 7) received 85% for her Algebra and Equation Test! It was a really good and exciting mark for her :) 

2021 Term 1 

1. Jonathan. N (Yr 9 English student) admitted to English Extension Course at his school. 

2. Eleanor. N (Yr 8 Maths student) received 98.8% for her Year 8 Maths Test at her school. 

3. Adelle. H (Yr 8 Maths student) was invited to the Maths Olympiad. She also achieved the personal best score of 97% in her maths exam at school. 

4. Kayla.S (Yr6 Maths student) achieved outstanding results in the Year 6 Maths level test and got admitted to the highest maths class at her school. 

5. Jemma. K (Yr 12 Maths Standard Student) receive 93% for her year 12 Standard Maths Assignment. 

6. Stephanie. H (Yr 9 Maths student) achieved her personal best score of 98% in her maths exam at school.

7. Jacob. C (Yr 8 Maths student) achieved his personal best score of 96% in his top maths class exam

8. Koby. G (Yr 7 Hanwoori Power Course student) received 4 merits awards for the good effort put into Science and Language.

9. "We met with Scarlet's teacher and he said her maths had improved dramatically! Thank you" -Ms Selina (Yr 3 Maths student's mother)

10. Jayden (Yr 3 English student)'s mother received great feedback from the school teacher at the parent's interview that Jayden's persuasive writing significantly improved. 

2020 Term 4 

1. Jacob C (Year 7 Maths) got accepted to the highest maths class for 2021. He maintained the average mark of 87% in 2020. 

2. Emma N (Year 8 English & Maths) received 'A grade' for English yearly report.  Her assessment mark was 89% when the average was 64%. 

3. Daniel W (Year 10 Maths 5.3) came 3rd in year 10 (5.3 level) maths exam. 

4. Kayla S (Year 6 Maths) achieved her goal mark (over 80%) in her maths exam. 


5. Jonathan N (Yr 8 English & Maths) received great results for his yearly exams:

       [English]                                                [Maths]

       Narrative test 100%                             Top 3 for half yearly exam

       Presentation 100%                               Top 6 for a yearly exam 

       Essay 80% 



6. Elias N (Yr 7 English) received the highest mark for an English essay and a merits award. 

7. Jacob M (Yr 6 English & Maths) received over 90% for English yearly exam.

8. Eric K (international university student) received 'A' grade for his course.


9. Sarah H (Yr 3) received the Distinction award at the end of year school presentation 

10. Safa M (Yr 3 English & Maths) received 2 merits awards at the school presentation. 

11. Ava-Maria (Year 6) became one of the Primary school leaders at her school. 

12. Stephanie J (Year 12) became the Social Justice Captain at her school. 

13. Mary-Claire N (Year 12) became the School Captain at her school. 

2020 Term 3 

1. Imasha. S (Yr 11) has received A for English Advanced Module C Essay. It was her first time receiving A grade!

2. Daniel. W (Yr 10) came 3rd in the grade for achieving 93% for Maths exam. His class average was 60% and the top class’ average was 77%. So he was exceeding the average marks of his cohort! What an achievement! He also receive a high grade for English speech!

3. Eden. K (Yr10) receive A grade for her English-Macbeth essay! It was her first time receiving A grades! 


4. Jazelle (Yr 9) English assessment – A grade!

5. Jonathan. N (Yr 8) received 100% in his English assessments creative writing and presentation. For maths, he was one of the top students. 

6. Christian. M (Yr 8) received one of the high results for English and Maths exams!

7. Emma. N (Yr 8) received A grade for Maths

8. Alessia. N (Yr 8) received 80% in maths exam for the first time!

9. Hayley. M (Yr 7) scored 85% in her recent Maths test, a big improvement as she often get mid 60s for her tests. 

10. Jacob . C (Yr 7) received 80% for his maths exam when the class average was 40%.

11. David. Y received IELTS 7.5

12. Eric. K entered UNSW-Global program by passing his university entrance exam with high grades and passing the IELTS test with score of 5.5! He studied for both exams at Hanwoori College.