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2022 Term 3 &4

Top achievers:​

🎯 Stephany. H (Year 11) achieved an A grade in her English assessment.

🎯 Eleanor. N (Year 9) achieved a mark of 100% in her Math quiz.

🎯 Ava Maria. N (Year 8) received an A grade for her Narrative task.

🎯 Adella. H (Year 9) achieved an A grade in her English assessment.

🎯 Sarah Marie. H (Year 6) received a B grade in her English assessment.

🎯 Jin. C (Year 10) received an A grade in his English assessment.

🎯 Chase. A (Year ) achieved 82% in his Math exam. placing at the top of his class.

🎯 Harry. M (Year 8) achieved 87.5% (35/40) in his Math Yearly exam, receiving the second highest mark.

School academic award recipients:

🏆 Chris. C (Year 7) achieved 2 Merit Awards in English.

Students who made amazing improvements:

👍 Hannah. K, an international student, achieved 6.5 on her IELTS test, after only 6 months at Hanwoori College.

👍 Yohan. K (Year 11) received his first ever A in English Creative Writing.

👍 Safah. M (Year 5 English & Math) received good feedback from her school teacher.

👍 Oliver. C (Year 7) achieved good results in Math this term. 

👍 Sarah de Luca (Year 9) achieved 10/15 in her History assessment.

👍 Georgia. H (Year 5 English & Math) received good feedback from her school teacher.

2021 Term 3 & 4

1. Adella. H (Yr 8) achieved 95% for the Yearly Maths exam. She also received Maths Olympiad Certificate.


2. Joseph (Yr 8) achieved over 90% for the Yearly Maths exam, securing his entrance to 5.3 Maths.


3. Jacob. M (Yr 7) achieved 100% for the Yearly English assessment. He used Hanwoori's mnemonic technique to memorise the poem effectively.


4. Yohan. K (Yr 10) achieved 27/30 in his 5.3 Maths exam and came 2nd in his grade.


5. Stephany. H (Yr 9 English) achieved 93% (14/15) for her Creative Writing assessment. The grade cohort average mark was 73%. 


6. Ava Maria (Yr 7 English) received 24/25 for her History assessment. 


7. Mary Claire (Yr 12) achieved 100% on her English Advanced Paper 1 essay.


8. Jacob (Yr 8 Math) received 100% on his Term 2 Math exam. The grade cohort average mark was 75%.


9. Imasha (Yr 12 Math) placed 10th in her cohort in Math and achieved Grade B (71/100). The grade cohort average mark was 61/100. Her school math teacher complimented that this is a very good result.


10. Andrew (Yr 5 English) received top band 6 in his NAPLAN Writing.


11. Stephanie. J (Yr 12) successfully finished High School and HSC. She was a long term Hanwoori Power Course student. Stephanie received early entry in Nursing at ACU which was her first preference.

12. Aaron (Yr 2 English) received an award for making an improvement in English writing.

13. Jayden (Yr 3 English, Maths) received the Principal's Award for his improvement in his learning.

14. Zac (Yr 7) received 69% in his school maths exam after only 6 weeks at Hanwoori College. His grade's average was 40%.

15. Joshua. P (Yr 8) received 80% in his school maths exam. This was a huge jump from his average marks before coming to Hanwoori. His self-confidence and motivation towards Maths have significantly improved.

16. Mason (Yr 4 English) moved up a level for the English reading group at school.

17. Ava Maria studies English, Maths and Piano at Hanwoori. She received 86% for the Term 2 English Poetry exam. This was a huge jump from her Term 1 mark of 73%. Also, for her Music Composition assessment, she received 80%.

18. Eric, 18 year old international student, studied English with Miss Esther. He successfully received an IELTS score, passed all of his courses for the University Foundation program and was accepted to UNSW for a Bachelor's degree.

2021 Term 2

1. Imasha. K (Year 12 Maths Standard) came 6th in the grade.


2. Mary-Claire. N (Year 12 English Advanced) achieved top marking criteria (17/20) for Module A Assessment.


3. Stephanie. J (Year 12 HPC) achieved 90% in her drama group performance, the highest mark in her group.


4. Daniel. W (Year 11 Maths Advanced) achieved 95% for the Term 1 Maths Test.


5. Isaac. J (Year 11 HPC) came 1st for English Advance Assessment & Maths at his school. 


6. Christian. M (Year 9 Maths) came 1st in his class (mark was 92%) 


7. Stephanie. H (Year 9 English) achieved 93% in her English assessment (Gothic studies) & received 93% for her Maths Assessment 2


8. Jacob. C (Year 8 Maths) got an A  grade for his Half Yearly Maths Exam.


9. Billy. P (Year 8 English)  achieved 19.5/20 in his Term 1 English assessment (Villain studies), came 3rd in the class.


10. Adella. H (Year 8 Maths) achieved 98% for her Maths Assessment task (39/40) & achieved 90% in her Term 1 English assessment (Villain studies). The grade’s average mark was 65%. 


11. Jacob. M (Year 7) made an outstanding improvement  (87%) in his English assessment (Suspense studies).


12. Olivia. S (Year 7) received 85% for her Algebra and Equation Test! It was a really good and exciting mark for her :) 

2021 Term 1 

1. Jonathan. N (Yr 9 English student) admitted to English Extension Course at his school. 

2. Eleanor. N (Yr 8 Maths student) received 98.8% for her Year 8 Maths Test at her school. 

3. Adelle. H (Yr 8 Maths student) was invited to the Maths Olympiad. She also achieved the personal best score of 97% in her maths exam at school. 

4. Kayla.S (Yr6 Maths student) achieved outstanding results in the Year 6 Maths level test and got admitted to the highest maths class at her school. 

5. Jemma. K (Yr 12 Maths Standard Student) receive 93% for her year 12 Standard Maths Assignment. 

6. Stephany. H (Yr 9 Maths student) achieved her personal best score of 98% in her maths exam at school.

7. Jacob. C (Yr 8 Maths student) achieved his personal best score of 96% in his top maths class exam

8. Koby. G (Yr 7 Hanwoori Power Course student) received 4 merits awards for the good effort put into Science and Language.

9. "We met with Scarlet's teacher and he said her maths had improved dramatically! Thank you" -Ms Selina (Yr 3 Maths student's mother)

10. Jayden (Yr 3 English student)'s mother received great feedback from the school teacher at the parent's interview that Jayden's persuasive writing significantly improved. 

2020 Term 4 

1. Jacob C (Year 7 Maths) got accepted to the highest maths class for 2021. He maintained the average mark of 87% in 2020. 

2. Emma N (Year 8 English & Maths) received 'A grade' for English yearly report.  Her assessment mark was 89% when the average was 64%. 

3. Daniel W (Year 10 Maths 5.3) came 3rd in year 10 (5.3 level) maths exam. 

4. Kayla S (Year 6 Maths) achieved her goal mark (over 80%) in her maths exam. 


5. Jonathan N (Yr 8 English & Maths) received great results for his yearly exams:

       [English]                                                [Maths]

       Narrative test 100%                             Top 3 for half yearly exam

       Presentation 100%                               Top 6 for a yearly exam 

       Essay 80% 



6. Elias N (Yr 7 English) received the highest mark for an English essay and a merits award. 

7. Jacob M (Yr 6 English & Maths) received over 90% for English yearly exam.

8. Eric K (international university student) received 'A' grade for his course.


9. Sarah H (Yr 3) received the Distinction award at the end of year school presentation 

10. Safa M (Yr 3 English & Maths) received 2 merits awards at the school presentation. 

11. Ava-Maria (Year 6) became one of the Primary school leaders at her school. 

12. Stephanie J (Year 12) became the Social Justice Captain at her school. 

13. Mary-Claire N (Year 12) became the School Captain at her school. 

2020 Term 3 

1. Imasha. S (Yr 11) has received A for English Advanced Module C Essay. It was her first time receiving A grade!

2. Daniel. W (Yr 10) came 3rd in the grade for achieving 93% for Maths exam. His class average was 60% and the top class’ average was 77%. So he was exceeding the average marks of his cohort! What an achievement! He also receive a high grade for English speech!

3. Eden. K (Yr10) receive A grade for her English-Macbeth essay! It was her first time receiving A grades! 


4. Jazelle (Yr 9) English assessment – A grade!

5. Jonathan. N (Yr 8) received 100% in his English assessments creative writing and presentation. For maths, he was one of the top students. 

6. Christian. M (Yr 8) received one of the high results for English and Maths exams!

7. Emma. N (Yr 8) received A grade for Maths

8. Alessia. N (Yr 8) received 80% in maths exam for the first time!

9. Hayley. M (Yr 7) scored 85% in her recent Maths test, a big improvement as she often get mid 60s for her tests. 

10. Jacob . C (Yr 7) received 80% for his maths exam when the class average was 40%.

11. David. Y received IELTS 7.5

12. Eric. K entered UNSW-Global program by passing his university entrance exam with high grades and passing the IELTS test with score of 5.5! He studied for both exams at Hanwoori College.

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