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We are a tutoring centre in Hills District-Dural, registered company (Hanwoori Australia Pty Ltd) and have been operating since 2012.

The primary purpose of opening this college was to help students who want to study but don’t know how. The founder, Rev. Daniel developed self-study methods 30 years ago and have helped students to gain confidence in learning and achieve their goals including his daughters. Ever since we opened Hanwoori College in 2012, each week, we receive great feedback from our students and parents. Our students report to us their improved exam marks and academic achievements.

Why choose ‘Hanwoori’?
1.  Education works best when the teacher and student build mutual respect, courtesy and passion.
2. Good education helps students to study creatively by themselves.
3. Effective education brings successful results
4. Hanwoori teaches with holistic education and original study methods.
5. Hanwoori's learning methods are uniquely created by Korean educators in Australia.


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460 Old Northern Road, Dural NSW 2158

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