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read what our students think about their tutors :)

Hanwoori College, I got to say is such an amazing environment. The teachers are like family.. It's really fun and I enjoy coming. It's not like "Ah, I have tutoring today; Ah, I'm not bothered to go." - Yr 7 student

It's easy to communicate with the teachers here because they understand what you're coming from. - Yr 6 student

 It's such an amazing place, the teachers here, they are all so kind, they all help you with what you really need and what I definitely like is that they focus on what you're doing in school. -Yr 7 student

My tutor always helps me out if I'm struggling in anything and it's always been- I've always looked forward to coming and talking to my tutor, because I know that she makes my day better. -Yr 10 student 

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