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read how our customers think about HPC :)

I was skeptical, but I don’t have any regrets coming here because it has proven to me that I can actually achieve these things without my parents having to tell me to do it. All I need to do is focus and this college has helped me with some skills and helped to advance in my learning.  I wanted a change and this place has helped me do that. I would’ve been stuck at the averages if without this place. As a person, I’ve become more focused and determined to reach my goals and now I'm setting more goals constantly not just for school but everywhere else. -Yr 10 student

My children are not asking me about how to do their homework or what to do with their homework because they've been taught at Hanwoori already as I observe. They go home and work independently and with the encouragement and also Esther and Deborah they're very friendly and make me feel really comfortable. - Mother of two HPC students

We found that my daughter greatly benefited from HPC because she had- she was very good academically, but she had a few issues with concentration, and keeping on task with things, and also organisation. So, I think- so the primary objective to get her into Hanwoori College was more to do with organisation so that she can organise herself better. And then- Esther taught my daughter for two years, that was good, and it also helped with giving us some tips as parents.  I think how my daughter benefited was three things:- One was more the confidence, second was more on organisational and study skills and third I think, from a music perspective, it was good because I think Deborah- both Esther and Deborah are very patient and rather than some other places, where they're very- too much.. you know, ‘structure like’, you know too much on the children.. So, I think that greatly benefited my daughter. 

- Father of year 3 HPC student

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