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Tutoring Sessions Remain OPEN

Dear Parents, guardians and students,

We wish to provide an update on COVID-19.

In recent weeks, we have been carefully monitoring to ensure the health and safety of our customers and students. And in light of current advice by the Department of Education, we will remain open until any further changes to the situation.

Why we will remain open:

1. [Our lessons are 1:1 ] Our classes are run in 1:1 environment (1 tutor & 1 student). There are only two classes that have a maximum of 2 students in a class.

2. [We are not crowed]

We do not have a large number of people gathered in one space at one time. As you would have seen or visited, our centre is very spacious and very limited number of students present at one time.

3. [We meet social distance guideline]

We are aware that 4 square metres need to be provided per person in an enclosed space. Our classrooms' sizes are starting from 12-32 square metres. And We only have 4 tutors working at the Centre.

2. [We communicate with customers]

We have been asking parents and students to stay at home if they feel sick. And our customers are from the Hills District, so we are less likely to be exposed to the public from other areas.

3. [We monitor the situation]

The government announced that Australian schools will remain open based on health advice. So, Hanwoori College will stay open until any further notice.

What we will do to minimise the transmission of the COVID-19:

1. We will make sure that our centre operates and stays as safe as possible.

2. If your child’s tutor is unwell, we will inform you as soon as possible to postpone the class or to arrange the alternative platform such as online lesson to carry out the lesson.

3. We try our best to deliver the lesson in an open space with windows and doors open to have clean air at all time.

4. We do wipe and sanitise the desk and chairs regularly.

What we would like to ask parents and students to do to minimise the transmission:

1. If your child is sick, please do not send them to tutoring. Please do not leave it to the tutor to figure out the health condition of your child after they arrive here. We will arrange the make up lesson or arrange alternative learning platform.

2. Some students bring their food to the Centre. We do advise and help students to wash their hands. Please help your children to build a good habit of washing their hands thoroughly and frequently.

Please take the usual sanitary precautions and be mindful of each other.

We will contact you if the situations change.

We hope you all stay safe in these difficult times.

Hanwoori College Team

Contact Us:

Office phone: 02 8443 0188

Manager-Esther’s mobile: 0422 242 302




Our last day for 2020 Term 1 will be on 6 April 2020, Monday.

Our office will close from 10 April to 16 April.

2020 Term 1 session end dates:

Tuesday: 31 March

Wednesday: 1 April

Thursday: 2 April

Friday: 3 April

Saturday: 4 April

Monday: 6 April

*some students’ schedules can vary. Please contact the office to confirm.

2020 Term 2 enrolment Information:

Last day to re-enrol

(We will send you an invoice and report by this date)

6 April, 2020. 5pm

(after this time, your existing slots become available to students who are on our waiting list)

Last day to pay for Term 2: 16 April, Thursday

2020 Term 2 period: 27 April – 3 July (10 weeks)

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