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Message from the Team

Dear Valued Parents and Clients,

Our commitment remains steadfast – to assist our students in reaching their fullest potential. We are dedicated to continually enhancing our services, aspiring to be recognised as one of the best tutoring centres in the Hills area.

Thank you for your unwavering support and love; it fuels our passion for nurturing the growth and success of every student.

Warm regards,


Hanwoori Team 🥰

2023 Term 3 - 4 Achievements

2023 term 3 hanwoori college.jpg


Angie P: Came 1st for Year 3 Public Speech Competition

Dihein: 100% Morrison Mccall Test 

Viren: 97% for English Test, 2nd in the class 

Maria: Received A grade in Maths Exam and merit award

Florence N: Achieving Exceeding level in All NAPLAN areas (Year 5) 

Asaph C: Achieving Exceeding level in All NAPLAN areas (Year 5) 

Eason M: Scored High in both English and maths (Year 6)  

Gia J: Came 2nd in Year 2 School Public Speech Competition 


Joseph Y: 1st in the class for Year 10 English Yearly Exam 

Kevan: Entering Accerelated Year 9 Maths Class in 2024 & Received A grade for English Essay. Rank 3rd for English and 5th for Maths (Semester 1 of year 8) 

Jason: Received A grade for Year 8 English Yearly Exam 

Emma: Received A grade for Year 11 English Extension  & Advanced 

Stephanie: Received A for Year 11 English Standard 

Elias N: Received 20/25 for Year 10 English Assessment on Romanticism. The grade average was 16

Olivia S: Received 95% in the Year 9 Common Maths Exam 

Eden H: Received an A grade for Semester 1 Maths Exam (Year 8) 

Ella L: Received an A grade for Maths Exam (Year 8) 

Phoebe K: Moved up to 5.3 level Maths (Year 10) 


Yohan: Achieved 2nd place in Year 12 English Advanced and was only recipient of the Year 12 All Rounder Award. He secured early entry into Macquarie University. 

Blake: Made a huge improvement in his Year 12 English Standard by 20 marks and secured an Early Entry into Macquarie & ACU 


Hannah: Secured early entry into ACU and Western Uni for the degree that she wanted 

Jacob C: Entered into National STEM Competition (Year 10) 

Angie P: Appointed as a Junior School Captain for 2024


Exciting News for 2024! More Saturday Group Classes! 🙌

Why Group Classes?

  1. Save 20-30% compared to private lessons.

  2. Enjoy a positive, competitive environment to boost motivation in learning.

  3. Small classes with no more than 4 students at similar levels or stages.

Sydney University

Hanwoori Power Course

Discover personalised self-study techniques and receive guidance on effective learning by Miss Esther Kim (USYD, UNSW)

Red Calculator



Saturdays are perfect day to concentrate on maths.

We cover 1-2 topics per term intensively.

No more than 4 students in a class with similar levels. 

Study with passionate tutors!

School Desk

Self-Study Space

Struggling to study at home?

Lack study resources or books? Come to our Study Space, where you can get your work done under supervision!

Open from 3 PM to 9 PM. (coming soon)

Colorful Notebooks



Want to write well and improve vocabulary? We aim to boost your confidence in writing various writing types but mainly on creative/persuasive and discursive writings.

Join our worskhops today!


Private Tutoring Services

We provide 1:1 tutoring for Kindy to Year 12 in English and Maths. Featuring tailored curriculum and teaching approach to maximise learning.

*strictly limited spots 

Chalkboard Pattern

Language & Music Lessons

We have Korean & Japanese langauge classes along with music classes (piano/ drum). 

Re-Enrollment Form for 2024 Term 3  
Please note that re-enrollment for current students ends on 20 June Any unclaimed spots will be released to clients on the waiting list. 
Term 1 Period: 22 July - 28 September (10-11 weeks)
Would you like to keep the existing day/time?
Would you like to try Group Class for Term 1? (You will save 20-30%)
Would you like to get information about the following course(s)?
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For inquiries, please contact the manager Esther 0422 242 302

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